Wellness Housing – You Belong in a Supportive and Clean Community

  • Transitional Living
  • Affordable Housing
  • Clean and Supportive Community
  • Safe Housing

Our Wellness Housing transitional living program provides a safe and supportive sober housing environment for men who are transitioning from difficult living situations. These programs provide a clean and supportive community with access to resources such as job training, education, and counseling. Affordable housing options are also available to help these individuals to keep stable and secure housing. These programs provide a safe and supportive community for those to build a better future.


Our Beliefs

Whether you are at home in the City, or feel like you belong in a Rural atmosphere, we realize the need for Community, and housing is a basic human need.

Who We Serve

We provide a transitional housing solution for those in need, such as veterans, disabled group home residents, social security/SSI beneficiaries, and international students. Our services include coordinating the delivery of supportive programs, case management, mental health and substance abuse programs, employment counseling, health promotion, life skills training, cultural/social activities, and educational opportunities.