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Low Income Affordable Housing – Transitional – Shared Living

  • Accessible Amenities – Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities

Wellness Housing provides an environment where individuals can work towards achieving a sober and clean lifestyle and long-term stability. It offers a controlled substance-free environment. Ultimately, living in at our program promotes an increased quality of life, reduced stress levels, improved self-sufficiency, and enhanced self-awareness.

Clean Houses Independent Transitional Living Shared Rooms for Rent

Shared rooms for rent can be an ideal option for Independent Living for individuals who value companionship and socialization, as well as those who prefer a more affordable living arrangement. These living spaces can also provide an opportunity for individuals to share experiences and learn from each other, which can enhance their overall quality of life.

We provide a transitional housing solution for those in need, such as veterans, disabled group home residents, DPSS Pilot Program Participants, DPSS GROW Program Participants, Social Security/SSI beneficiaries, and international students.

Wellness Housing is set up for single adult men and women. No mental health services are provided by Wellness Housing.